Afro latin fest 2016
Vuela Crocro y su Tumbaka

‘Crocro y su Tumbaká’ is a multicultural musical group founded by Jorge 'CroCro' Orta in 2010, which just released its first CD in 2014. Crocro y su Tumbaká was formed with the ambition to do something different in the city of Houston in the Salsa genere to interpret different tropical style music of recognized groups and singers of the 70s, 80s and 90s; however, in its first CD Tumbaká interprets songs with echoes of latin-jazz, percussion solos, batá, son, güarachas timba and opera/salsa, which has resulted in a wealth of sounds and musical colors.
Thanks to the experience and long musical career of its founder and director, the internationally renowned percussionist Jorge 'CroCro' Orta, whose musical journey includes among others eight years as the percussionist of the renowned "Grupo Niche" of Colombia.